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A Journey from Lost to Limitless

Meet Bobby Hobert, the driving force behind an extraordinary journey of positivity and personal development. A powerhouse of self-improvement and a guru of transformation, Bobby's journey began with the simple desire to help others unleash their full potential...

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Driving Uber

Fresh out of Bentley University with a degree in marketing, Bobby found himself at a crossroads. While his peers were locking down full-time jobs, Bobby took the road less traveled—literally. Embracing the gig economy, he steered his way through life as a full-time Uber driver, all while launching the "Purpose in the Youth" podcast in 2016.

But the real magic happened when Bobby discovered his true calling: helping others shine.


Finding A Way

From the driver's seat to the podcast booth, he realized the profound impact he could have on lives by sharing his journey and empowering others to be their best selves. With a staggering 19,002 Uber rides in his rearview, he bid adieu to the gig lifestyle, poised and ready to embark on his next adventure.

Since then, Bobby's story reads like a guide to living your best life.  A fitness fanatic, he conquered 100 days of consistent workouts, ditched alcohol for an impressive 500 days (and counting), embraced celibacy for over 1,000 days, and ran three marathons in just 90 days.

But the journey doesn't end here...


Unleashing Potential

Bobby is the creative behind the "It's The Bearded Man" podcast, where he shares insights on his life lessons for the world to soak in.

As of 2023, Bobby is the example of work-life harmony. Juggling a thriving career at Liquid I.V. with building his personal brand, he offers 1-on-1 coaching programs, digital courses, and weekly wisdom to his newsletter community.

Mentally and physically at his peak, Bobby isn't just ticking off items from his bucket list—he's reinventing it. And the best part? He encourages you to do the same!

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